We would like to thank all customers who are interested in localbx.io service. For frequently questions, we have answered some questions here

1. What is a Locaibx.io ?
Localbx.io is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange service in the Peer-to- Peer system. We are the marketplace exchange platform, which is created for the sellers and buyers of Bitcoin, can participate and do activities together. The platform has a format of the offer sale and buy price which is independence also provide a payment method via various channels such as cash , bank transfer or Alipay. If you are a new seller or new buyer, we would recommend you to read purchasing guide to learn how to trade properly in our Localbx.io community.
2. How do I buy or sell Bitcoin ?
For helping you trade Bitcoin at Localbx.io correctly. Please watch the “Video below” and if the explanation in the video is not clear enough, we encourage you to read our additional documentation here.
3. How do I protect myself from these Scammers ?
All Localbx.io transactional are protected by the Escrow system. When transaction has occurred on the system, Bitcoin of the seller will be reserved in the seller's Localbx Wallet system. This means that, if the seller has receives payment from buyer but they refuses to release the Bitcoin into the buyer’s wallet.
The Escrow system can proceed to release Bitcoin into the buyer's wallet instead, by removing bitcoin from the seller's wallet automatically. Thus, if you are a Bitcoin seller, please make sure that you are ready for the sale. In addition, also make sure that you already get paid by the buyer before release the money to Escrow.
4. Can I buy Bitcoin less than one coin and how much is a minimum amount of purchasing ?
Of course, you can buy as many as you want under the minimum purchase threshold of each seller.
5. Which countries do not allow to sell and buy Bitcoin through LocalBX.io ?
If you have Bitcoin and would like to sell it , no matter where you are in this world even in the sky, in the sea or in the deepest underground mines, you can connect yourself to Localbx.io we always welcome you.
6. If I have a disputation and would like to get the information from Admin , where I can contract ?
You can click the “Contact Us” button at below of the website. The system will link to the message box on Facebook Fanpage, however you can inquire us in English language only. To make sure your links are correct. Here is our link text box.
7. What are the advantage of Localbx.io , and why should I exchange here ?
Imagine that if you trade Bitcoin through another trading system, controlling may require and threatening may be occurred from the invisible hand. On the other hand, trading at Localbx, all transaction will be private between two people. If you are not confident in whom you are contacting, you do not need to make a transaction financial with such people. Remember, do a transaction with people you trust only.
8. Is Localbx.io regulated by any government ?
The operation of Localbx.io is not regulated by any government. All information of your transactions is protected by here.
9. In the future, Localbx.io plans to extend any exchange coin ?
Yes we do. We have a plan and we will update you as soon as possible when we start operation.
10. Is the Localbx.io registered legally and where it does a registration ?
Yes we do. We are legally registered in Singapore in term of a limited company.
11. Can I make a “Big Lot” deal at localbx.io ?
Yes you can. If you have more than 5,000 Bitcoin, you can advertise to sell it at localbx.io. Or if you even have more than that, it can be sold. This platform allows you to trade in a big lot, and of course you need to be sure who is your buyer or seller.
12. How much the transaction fee at Localbx.io ?
We charge only 1% of each transaction between buyer and seller.
13. Does Localbx.io have an affiliate system ?
Yes, we have an affiliate and it is a lifetime system. If you persuade someone to make a transaction through Localbx.io, you will be involved in transaction fee. The affiliate system is divided as follows.
Level 1: 5% of transaction fee
Level 2: 2% of transaction fee
Level 3: 2% of transaction fee
Level 4: 1% of transaction fee
As much as you can extend your membership, the more passive income you will earn. For paying method, we will pay immediately to your wallet when someone in your business line completes the transaction via localbx.io.
14. In term of using service, does localbx.io service require a verification ID ?
Currently, you do not have to do a verification ID.
15. In the future, will Localbx.io be opening an ICO ?
At the right time, we will be open an ICO to let’s everyone be a part with Localbx.io

Updated on 10/02/2017
Admin Localbx.io